Access to Information (PAIA)

Access To Information

In terms of section 50 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000, you may request access to the personal information that we hold about you. The Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2 of 2000 ("Proatia") specifies and regulates how such request should be made and under what circumstances we may refuse to grant you access.

Who may request information in terms of the Act?

Any person who requires information for the exercise or protection of any rights, may request information from Super Group. Section 50 of the Act states that: A requester must be given access to any record of held by Super Group if:

  • that record is required for the exercise or protection of any rights;

  • that person complies with the procedural requirements in this Act relating to a request for access to that record; and

  • access to that record is not refused in terms of any ground for refusal as detailed in Chapter 4 of Super Group’s Information Manual.

Procedures for obtaining access

Super Group’s Information manual is available for download here

The manual is also available for inspection at the offices of the Information Officer of Super Group. Further copies are available at the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

The head of Super Group is Peter Mountford who has delegated this power, for the purposes of the Act, to Nigel Redford who shall be referred to as the Information Officer.

Any person who wishes to request any information from Super Group, with the object of protecting or exercising a right, must contact the Information Officer and submit Form A available for download here

Submit Form A to Super Group’s Information Officer, Nigel Redford:

Telephone Number



Physical Address

Postal Address


+27 11 523 4000

+27 11 523 4856

[email protected]

27 Impala Road, Chislehurston, Sandton, 2196

Private Bag X9973, Sandton, 2146

In terms of section 53, a request for access to a record of Super Group must be made, using the prescribed form, to Super Group at the address or electronic mail address given above. The form requires the requestor to provide the following information:

  • Sufficient information to enable the Information Officer to identify the requestor;

  • Sufficient information to enable the Information Officer to identify the record(s) requested;

  • The form of access required;

  • The requestor’s postal address or fax number;

  • Identification of the right sought to be exercised or protected;

  • An explanation of why the record is required to exercise or protect that right;

  • The manner in which the requestor wishes to be informed of the decision on the request, if in a manner in addition to written notification; and

  • If the request is made on behalf of a person, the submission of proof of the capacity in which the requestor makes the request, to the satisfaction of the Information Officer.

Requestors please note that all of the information as listed above should be provided, failing which the process will be delayed while Super Group requests such additional information. The prescribed time periods will not commence until all pertinent information has been furnished to Super Group by the requestor.

Prescribed Fees

Payment of fees is regulated in terms of section 54 of the Act. The Regulations to the Act provide for two types of fees:

Request Fee

This is a non- refundable administration fee paid by all requestors with the exclusion of personal requestors. It is to be paid before the request is considered.

Access Fee

This is paid by all requestors only when access is granted. This fee is intended to reimburse Super Group for the costs involved in searching for a record and preparing it for delivery to the requestor.

Super Group may withhold a record until the request fee and the deposit (if applicable) have been paid. A schedule of the prescribed fees can be viewed in Form B available for download here

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