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A full 360° commercial model is employed, including a dedicated team of sales representatives, brand managers, key accounts managers & administration staff, to buy, sell and manage an extensive basket of goods and services, sourced from leading FMCG suppliers and other allied service providers.

We partner and collaborate with best-in-class suppliers as the solution requires, including all Sales & Merchandising specialists in the country, using all available Trade Intelligence and Market Development tools.

We collaborate with multiple internal & external service providers to provide Forecasting & Demand Planning, Dashboards & Scorecards & Financial Modelling.


Our infrastructure and technology provides the essential link between manufacturers, suppliers, customers, retailers & other service providers. It allows for real-time stock orders on handheld devices, which in turn enables speedy service delivery 24 hours a day. Our technology also provides for paperless processes that reduce errors, deliver efficiencies and speed up turnaround times.


  • Sales
  • Merchandising
  • Key Accounting
  • Listings
  • Debtors Collection
  • Distribution
  • Commercial (Trading Terms)
  • Forecasting & Demand Planning
  • Dashboards & Scorecards
  • Financial Modelling